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If you are searching for a reputable, quality escort service that specialises in intimate companionship with a visiting escort then you have come to the right place. Here at Buckinghamshire Escorts we pride ourselves on providing only the very best, most passionate and physically attractive female escorts combined with a guaranteed discrete and professional service to the discerning client all across the county and beyond.

The quality of the Buckinghamshire escorts is plain for all to see, just cast your eyes over the genuine photographs in the profiles. You cannot help but be impressed with the beauty and diversity of beautiful women on offer as we feature elegant and charming sex goddesses from within the Uk, Europe and further afield.  Do you have a preference when it comes to long or short hair, blonde or brunette? Do you hanker after a special time with a slim and sexy siren? Or do you enjoy canoodling with a curvy girl? Petite and elfin, cute and cuddly, see for yourself but we are sure that your particular likes can be met. But the sensual and affectionate girls all have one thing in common; they revel in their time as a Buckinghamshire escort!

Sexy Ladies

From the moment that you book one of the fabulous girls at Buckinghamshire escorts your heart will be racing in anticipation of your first encounter. You have chosen just the right girl and you can't wait to see if she is just as beautiful in th eflesh as she is in the photograph. There is a knock on your hotel room door and you answer it to find your goddess waiting there just for you. She is an absolute peach, with a body made for sin and a smile that immediately puts you at your ease. You instinctively know you have made the right choice as you chaperone your sexy sweetheart into your room. Why only imagine? Call Buckinghamshire Escorts today and make the fantasy the reality...

Great Service

Great service begins from the moment you access our website and lasts until your beautiful escort has left your home or hotel room. That is why we have worked hard to get the basics of a visiting escort service right and gone beyond that to offer a range of customer assurances and guarantees so that you can relax and enjoy your girlfriend dating experience. We have built on what we have learned over many successful years trading and we now set out in writing our philosophy of business. Our benchmarks:

  • all of the depictions of the escorts on our website to be genuine
  • only pictures of real escorts that can be booked to be published on the web site
  • when a client makes a booking he or she are guaranteed the girl booked is the girl who will arrive for the date
  • facts about the girls to be true and accurate
  • maintain complete discretion
  • visiting escorts that enjoy working as visiting escorts
  • an on time service that is also reliable

Buckinghamshire escorts has an excellent reputation built on working with only the most genuine and sexy girls. We believe our massage and companionship service is second to none and we welcome any feedback from our clients that will help us to improve things even further. We strive to remain the very best agency In Buckinghamshire and hope to long be providing you with a world class service. Call Buckinghamshire escorts now - the time of your life is only minutes away...

Great Value

Spending time in the company of a ravishing beauty is priceless and yet it is amazing how little it actually costs to be with a beautiful girl. Whilst it is a misconception that the prices charged by an escort agency are set by the agency we can tell you that Buckinghamshire Escorts are available from a mere one hundred and twenty five pounds for a full sixty minutes of sexy fun. Imagine how good a sensual massage would feel right now! You agree the fee for the date when in contact with your escort lovely. One other thing is important to point out and that is we have a rigid policy that there are never hidden charges that are suddenly sprung on someone. The fee agreed is it and not a penny more! In fact we boast that the only surprise you get when opening your door to a Buckinghamshire Escort is how much more stunning she is in the flesh than on the screen! Enjoy your date...

Out and About

Most escort agencies will focus only on the provision of a basic visiting escort service. Here at Buckinghamshire Escorts we try to do more, much, much more. Let's start with what we consider to be the basics: girls who are genuine and accurately portrayed; prompt arrival of a date; no surprises; absolute discretion! Further to that we want to make sure that our website is informative and easy to navigate and that the booking process is simple. To that we add professionalism in all that we do. And then we work to enhance the dating experience - for someone like a businessman stuck in a conference hotel or for someone new to an area we provide hotel reviews plus brief guides to each of the main towns and villages in Buckinghamshire, using local knowledge to pinpoint the best bars and restaurants. Finally we write some fantasies down on paper for the 'Secret Pleasures' section of the website... hope you like 'em...

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Many of our satisfied clients are so appreciative of the time they have enjoyed with their chosen escort sex bomb that they are compelled to write their feelings down and submit a review! That is what you can see on the profiles, scrolling down at the side. These are real reviews giving  genuine feedback and the girls really like to read them. If you are a recent client and thought your girl was something special then complete a feedback form and see your comments go live.

Secret Pleasures

'Secret Pleasures' is the online repository for the naughty fantasies of our weird and wonderful web team as well as various frustrated authors amongst the escorts. We hope you enjoy these flights of sexual and satirical fancy as much as we enjoy making them up. If you are a budding poet and have a saucy story to share send it over and it might feature on here though of course we can't guarantee to publish every story and we certainly don't pay for the pleasure!



Secret Pleasures

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  • 7th September 2014

  • Horst P Horst, fashion photographer extraordinaire, is to be honoured with an exhibition celebrating his life’s work. Horst died in nineteen ninety nine aged ninety three. He was famous for his many iconic photographs of beautiful women including Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh and Marlene Dietrich and his work graced the covers of diverse titles such as Vogue and Harpers. It must have been an amazing life to be surrounded by so much beauty, much like the lucky guys who book escorts from Buckinghamshire Escorts and Essex Escorts I suppose. One of his most famous shots is entitled the Mainbocher...

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  • The beautiful bucket list

  • 4th August 2014

  • You read a lot these days about bucket lists and I figured I would take this opportunity to give my list of ten things I would like to do before I do. Before you switch off and click on the link to the escort gallery – and who can blame you? – don’t worry, I am not going to be writing about sky diving, swimming with dolphins or climbing the north face of the Eiger! No, my bucket list is to be made up entirely of things to do with gorgeous girls, particularly the stunning escorts from Buckinghamshire Escorts and...

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  • Stunning, genuine, loving, adorable...

  • 19th July 2014

  • New research has found that men are more likely to tell porkies to impress women than the other way around. Duh! Tell us something we don’t know. Of course this piece of meaningless nonsense has been picked up by all manner of female journalists quick to use this damning evidence to discredit the male of the species. Interesting how some research carried out on a relatively small number of people can be used in such a generalised way but so be it. Anyway, today I am going to stand up for men and present a counter argument. So, even if men...

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